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we can do loan approval letters if needed !

Documentation required with all loan applications and/or prior to closing: with out Boker Documentation required with Boker
all loan applications and/or prior to closing:
 ( full disclusures give 3 days pror to closing )
charges for loan, will be given at first meeting )
  • If a purchase, a copy of the fully executed purchase/sale contract.
  • If a refinance, a copy of the HUD-1 from your original purchase.
  • Borrower's credit report or credit application.
  • Verification that the transaction in question does NOT involve any seller-held 2nd
    mortgages, assignments of contract, simultaneous closings, wholesale "flip" within recent months of original purchase, seller repair/closing cost credits, gifts of equity, or any other related agreement or transaction which lowers or has lowered the effective net purchase price, unless agreed to by the lender in writing.
  • If application is for a loan on vacant land, a survey is required.

. Upon credit approval a $150 fee will be requested from the borrower for
        purposes of verifying the borrower's property evaluation.

  • Your good faith estimate of closing costs, signed by borrower.
  • Your mortgage brokerage agreement, signed by borrower.
  • Copy of your mortgage brokerage business license if this is either our first time doing   
    business, if you're new in the business, or if it was renewed since you last copied us.


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